How Pakistanis Wastes Time On Facebook Social Media?

On Internet Pakistanis loves to use various social media sites specially the Facebook which has more than a billion users now worldwide. infect Pakistanis wastes their lot of time on Social sites daily which keeps them away from doing productive work.

A large Pakistani population wastes their time in chatting, listening songs and sharing material. Social sites keeps mostly those people away from work whom's nature of Job is on Computer or internet. These people instead of concentrating on their work leaves the work within and starts using Facebook, Twitter etc.

once they go to these sites it takes them several minutes to comeback to their work. a western blogger found a interesting solution for this. He hired a person to slap him whenever he wastes time on Facebook instead of working.

Even i am facing this problem. everyday i waste lot of hours on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube instead of blogging. i don't what can be the solution of this problem?