Major Problems For Pakistan In 2013

Pakistan is going through tough time and even more sad thing is that in this tough situation the Government we have is corrupt, dishonest and incapble of solving the problems. People have completely lost the hopes with this PPP Govenment.

2013 will be the election year in Pakistan when a new Government will come in power. There are many problems with which Pakistan will have to deal in coming year. If a good Government came into power these problems may get solved or at least reduced otherwise if PPP wins again Pakistan will have more problems.  Following is the list of these major problems.

Power Shorage: Pakistan is facing massive crises of power shortage. In many areas Electricity remains off for 14 to 18 hours in a day which is badly damaging the economy. unless new dams are made this problem will not be solved.

Corruption: in PPP Corruption broken all old records. we seen many corruption scandals of billions of rupees in different sectors. Corruption is another major problem damaging Pakistan.

Terrorism: Terrorism has hit Pakistan very hard in last 5 years. Pakistan faced thousands of terror attacks. Pakistan's biggest city Karachi is also seening unrest where target killing is taking place regularly. so coming Govt will also have to work for bringing pace in country.

Economy: Pakistan's economy is in very bad shape right now. GDP growth, foreign investment, Jobs creation all are down. Dollar price is going up like a rocket in comparison with rupee.

These are the 4 major problems of Pakistan that needs to be resolved in 2013 if Pakistan have to do progress.