Famous Pakistanis Who Passed Away in 2012

2012 was another important year for world specially Pakistan where many important events taken place in various fields of life. During 2012 many important Pakistan also left us forever.

Shahzeb Khan Photos

20 Years old boy Shahzeb Khan Photos who was martyred in Karachi by powerful Feudal politicians because he tried to save his sister from molestation.

Quaid E Azam Wanted Secular Or Islamic Pakistan?

Those who say Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted to make a secular state, should also explain as to why the first department of the new government of Pakistan that Quaid created after securing independence was the Department of Islamic Reconstruction???? Quaid created an Islamic reconstruction and policy making department to make a secular state ???? What non-sense those secular speak. 

Let's Explore The Beauty of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the largest country of the world which has many beautiful places.

Youtube Unblocked In Pakistan Finally

From last 4 months largest video sharing website Youtube was blocked in Pakistan over presence of a Blasphemous video on it but now after almost 4 months Youtube is unblocked in Pakistan.

Pakistan Is Now Asian Champion of Hockey, Cricket and Kabaddi

There was a time when Pakistan was on top in many sports in the world like Hockey, Cricket, Squash but after that Pakistan seen downfall in most of Sports in past years which is still continuing. But you will be surprised to know that Pakistan has now become Asian champion in three big sports Hockey, Cricket and Kabaddi at same time.

Pakistan Facebook Covers

Pakistan Facebook Timeline Covers for all the lovers of this great country of the world.

4 Reasons Due To Which Pakistan Can Win India Series

T20 series of two matches started yesterday between Pakistan and India and guest team got success in 1st T20 by 5 wickets due to brilliant bowling by Ajmal, Gul and Irfan and awesome batting by Shoaib Malik and Captain Muhammad Abdul Hafeez. After T20 matches three ODI matches will also be played.

Zaid Hamid Views On Tahir Ul Qadri Lahore Jalsa

A brief and quick analysis of today's Jalsa of Dr. Qadri. A massive and strongly pro-Pakistan crowd indeed MashAllah with only Pakistan flags. This is great to see.

Time of Corrupt Politicians Is Over: Imran Khan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that Time of Corrupt Politicians Is Over and change is coming.

Pakistan Cricket Team Lands In Delhi

T20 Cricket Team of Pakistan landed in Delhi on Saturday evening in captaincy of Muhammad Abdul Hafeez to play much awaited series against India which included 2 T20s and 3 ODIs.

Bashir Ahmad Bilour Photos

Late Leader of ANP Bashir Ahmad Bilour Photos who lost his life today.

Bashir Ahmad Bilour Died In Suicide Attack

Political Leader of ANP and Senior Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Bashir Ahmad Bilour Died In Suicide Attack on Saturday In Peshawar.

Top Twitter Trends and Google Searches This Week in Pakistan

What Pakistanis Searched the most in last 7 days? and what where the top twitter trends last week in Pakistan?  Here is the data.

Pakistan Army Cadets Wallpapers

The Young the passionate the brave Pakistan Army Cadets Wallpapers and Photos.

Pakistanis Not Believe That 21 December 2012 Is End of World

Lot of people from other parts of the world may be believing that World is going to end on so called doomsday 21st December but at least people of Pakistan not believe in this lie.

Pakistani National Highways Photos

There are many National Highways in Pakistan among which longest is N5 which goes from Karachi To Torkham and is 1819 KM long.

What If Adam Lanza was a Muslim?

Last week a shocking incident happened in US when a 20 year old boy named Adam Lanza attacked a primary school "The Connecticut school" and killed 27 people in which 20 where little kids of ages 5 to 10.

One Pound Fish Pakistani Gets Hit On Internet

One Pound Fish Pakistani Muhammad Shahid Nazir  Gets Hit On Internet after he launched his official music Video one pound fish which got millions of views in few hours online.

Its a Myth In Pakistan That Milk With Fish Is Harmful

There are many popular myths in our Pakistani society which are not only believed my uneducated people but many educated people also believes in these myths. but in reality there is no existence of such myths.

Pakistan Team Starts Practice For Indian Tour

Earlier this week Squads for T20 and ODI matches against India where announced by Pakistan Cricket Board after which practice sessions for this big series are started in Lahore.

Sharif Brothers Will Lose Whatever They Do: Imran Khan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan who keeps on targeting Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif with his statements has once again said that Sharif Brothers will lose the elections of 2013f from PTI no matter what they do?

Naran Valley In Photos

Pakistan's Naran Valley In Photos. It is located in Mansehra District.

Pakistani Girls You Can Be Next Victim

If you are a girl specially from Pakistan and you are using your real photo on your Facebook or any other social networking account then you can be in danger.

Imran Khan In Lodhran For Awami Rabta Mohim

Chairman PTI Imran Khan In Lodhran For Awami Rabta Mohim. He is going to different cities these days to wake up the people.

Aamir Khan Appreciates Pakistan's Imran Khan

Bollywood Superstar famously known as Mr Perfect Aamir Khan has shown his appreciation for Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Chief and former Cricketer Imran Khan.

All Shisha Cafes Working In Lahore Are illegal: LHC

Sometime ago Lahore High Court ordered to close all the Shisha (Hookah) Cafes In Punjab by declaring them illegal. After this order of LHC few cafes where closed but most of them remained open and kept on selling Shisha to the youth.

Babri Masjid In Photos

Babri Masjid In Photos that was a historical mosque and was martyred by Hindu extremists two decades ago.

20th Anniversary of Babri Masjid Demolition Today

Today on Thursday 6th December 2012 its 20th Anniversary of Babri Masjid Demolition . Two decades ago today in 1992 Babari Masjid was martyred by thousands of Hindu Extremists in Ayodhya.

British Soldiers Kills 4 Boys In Afghanistan

From last two years war crimes by Nato soldiers has increased very much against the civilian population of Afghanistan. lot of shocking incident has taken place which has saddened the good people around the world.

Kate Middleton Is Sick and Expecting a Baby

The Big News in Britain today is that Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are hopeful for baby while
Kate is admitted into hospital because of sickness.

Downfall of Pakistan Hockey Continues

There was a time when Pakistan was a champion of Hockey for decades and no team was able to defeat it.

Kaghan Valley of Pakistan Photos

Kaghan Valley of Pakistan Photos which is located in KP Province and is famous for its beauty.

Neighbour Countries of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the largest country of the world whose area is 796,095 km and population is more than 180 millions.