All Shisha Cafes Working In Lahore Are illegal: LHC

Sometime ago Lahore High Court ordered to close all the Shisha (Hookah) Cafes In Punjab by declaring them illegal. After this order of LHC few cafes where closed but most of them remained open and kept on selling Shisha to the youth.

Seeing this situation Lahore High Court has once again given a verdict today that all the Shisha Cafes working in Lahore are illegal and Govt should do strict crackdown on them.

Umar Ata Bandial Chief Justice of LHC given the verdict. This verdict has came after Owners of Shisha Cafes went to court that their business are getting effected by Government crackdown.

in recent years many Shisha cafes came into existence in Punjab specially Lahore where Young boys and girls where going regularly to drink Shisha. According to research Shisha is very dangerous for human health. Some says its even more dangerous than cigarette