Downfall of Pakistan Hockey Continues

There was a time when Pakistan was a champion of Hockey for decades and no team was able to defeat it.

Pakistan won 4 World Cups of Hockey in years 1971, 1978, 1982 and 1994 but now Pakistan is considered among poorest teams of hockey. Hockey is our national sport but just like other sports and fields we are going down even in Hockey.

Pakistan comes on 7th, 8th place in big tournaments in which around 10 teams takes part. From a long time Pakistan has not beaten teams like Australia and India.

Just today Pakistan lost to Australia by 1-0 in the poll match of Champions trophy. Today performance of Pakistan was not bad and it done many attacks on Australian goal but failed to score.

on other hand Australia was able to do 1 goal due to which it got the victory and came on top position of group B.

There is need of major changes in Pakistan Hockey Federation and Pakistan Hockey team if we want our Hockey to improve otherwise defeats will continue to come.