Neighbour Countries of Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the largest country of the world whose area is 796,095 km and population is more than 180 millions.

Geographical location of Pakistan is very important and almost all of its Neighbour Countries are very important which also effects Pakistan greatly. Here are the Neighbour Countries of Pakistan with whom it shares border.

Afghanistan: it is located in west of Pakistan and shares a very large border with it. Situation of Afghanistan has always impacted Pakistan as well.

Iran: Another important Country Iran is also neighbour of Pakistan and located in west of Pakistan.

China: China to whom some people calls next emerging super power is located in north of Pakistan. Both countries have very strong friendship because most of their interests are common.

India: India is located in East of Pakistan sharing a very big border. India and Pakistan where one country before partition. Now these countries are each others enemies and keeping millions of troops on border.

Arabian Sea: In South Of Pakistan there is very important sea named Arabian sea.