How N League Wasted Money In Different Projects

How N League Wasted Money In Different Projects? article sent by a supporter of PTI to us.

‎1- Wasted money on Laptops - Next year these students will not be in Universities. Will they spend every year 100s of Billion Rs to give new students more laptops?????

2- Wasted money on Jangla Bus - Punjab Government will spend 1 Billion every month to give subsidy. This mean every 12 months there will wasted more 12 Billion on this project.

3- Wasted Money on Sasti Roti - It was waste of money because temporary programs always fails. Where is sasti roti now - do all poor people became rich????

4- Waste of Money on Yellow Taxi

5- Wasted money on Danish Schools - HOW? Let me explain there are over 64,000 schools are in punjab come under Punjab Government - Why Khadi-E-Allah have not upgraded those schools as Danish school one by one to make sure whole Punjabs poor children get good Education. They made danish schools because they wanted there name to show that sHAHABAZ sHARIF Made these schools. This is the reason I say its a waste of money.

6- Wasted money on various un-productive projects

7- No change in police and Patwari culture.

This is all Shahbaz Sharif can think to run country.