N League Can Will Next Elections By Small Lead

Until few months ago it was looking like that Imran Khan's PTI will really be able to clean sweep in the elections of 2013 because lot of big political leaders were joining PTI and PTI was also able to organize some really big Jalsas in Lahore and Karachi. but now it looks like that the situation is changing. The popularity of Imran Khan has stucked instead of increasing in last one year. Instead of PTI now different political leaders are joining N League.

N League is also making alliances with different parties in Sindh and Baluchistan. If this situation continued until the elections then N League may be able to win the Elections of 2013 by small lead just like PPP won 2008 elections by small lead and formed Government by doing several alliances.

N League alliance with Muslim League Functional and other small parties in Sindh will help them in giving tough time to PPP. however the main battleground will be Punjab as usual where real competition will be between N League and PTI. the division of votes between N League and PTI will help PPP.

Only few months are left now in elections and only time will tell that who comes in power for next 5 years?