Blogging and Freelancing Becomes Popular In Pakistan Due To Unemployment

Pakistan is going through Economic crises right now due to which rate of creation of new jobs has reduced very much which is causing lot unemployment. Even many educated Youngsters having degrees are not able to find jobs. due to this sad situation lot of people have also left Pakistan to get jobs.

Pakistan Cricket Pics Collection

Cricket is most popular Sport in Pakistan even though its not our National Game. Here is collection of Pakistan Cricket Pics.

2013 Pakistan Elections Signs of Different Parties

Elections are taking place on 11th May 2013 in Pakistan after long wait of 5 years. these are the signs of different parties in Election. My Favourite party PTI is having sign of Bat.

One Month Left In Important 2013 Elections of Pakistan

Pakistan is going through tough period right now. There are so many problems like Energy crises, Corruption, Violence, Unemployment. In this situation Pakistan is heading towards all important General Elections that takes place after every 5 years.