New War Between Hamid Mir and Zaid Hamid

Hamid Mir and Zaid Hamid are two popular names of Pakistani Media. Hamid Mir is a famous Journalist who works for Geo News and he is often criticized for speaking against Pakistan Army and ISI. His opponents calls him agent of Foreign agencies. On other hand Zaid Hamid is a analyst who is more popular on Social media as compared to Electronic Media.

Now a days we are seeing a verbal war between Zaid Hamid and Hamid Mir. Zaid Hamid is targeting Hamid Mir and other Journalist like him through Social Media. According to Zaid Hamid many Journalists like Hamid Mir are on payroll of foreign agencies and their agenda is to malign Pakistan army and ISI for everything.

On other hand Hamid Mir has also launched attack on Hamid Mir. Hamid Mir done a complete capital talk show against Zaid Hamid in which he invited Tahir Ashrafi and foreign secretary of Zaid Hamid to speak against him. Hamid Mir also announced to go in court against Zaid Hamid.

Geo News is facing massive criticism in Social Media now a days. People are criticizing Geo News for its Pro Indian stances, giving less coverage to issues like Kashmir and showing programs against Pakistan Army.

This war has also effected viewership of Geo. Lets see where this war will go in coming days and how it will effect Geo?

Importance of Kashmir For Pakistan

The state of Kashmir is a muslim majority area of Indian subcontinent. This state’s muslims decided to go with Pakistan in 1947 but its owner raja hari singh sold this state to nahro family at 5 hundred thousand rupees that time and flee from that place.

Top 10 Pakistani Recipes

Among all the things Pakistan is famous for, food tops the chart. Pakistani food is famous worldwide because of its taste, its color and its sweet smell. The specialty of Pakistani food is many folds its taste is so good that people across globe want to taste Pakistani food even if it is spicy. Pakistani food does not only contain vegetables but also meat, both red and white. So, if you want Pakistani food be sure that there is a huge variety of dishes waiting for you.

Afghanistan War and Its History

Afghanistan is that piece of land which remained a battle field for almost every nation since ages. Even when Indian sub continent was freed from British rule, Afghanistan was not a peaceful place.  When Pakistan came into being, Afghanistan and Pakistan disputed at durand line. This is a border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan and remains open for to and fro motion of people.

Pakistan Cricket Team's Batting Problem Continues

Pakistan Cricket Team's batting order failed once again on Tuesday when it failed to get the target of 233 runs in second ODI set by the host team West Indies. Pakistan's whole team got out on just 195 runs and lost the match by 37 runs. Except Nasir Jamshed and Umar Akmal no other Batsman was able to perform well with the bat. Jamshed scored 54 runs while young Umar Akmal made 50 runs.

Mobile Phones, Internet and Pakistani Youth

Globe has shrunk and has become global village with invent of internet. Then came mobiles and world converged a little more when mobile also started running internet. Today, we see this high tech. mobile in almost every hand.

Some Easy Tips For Healthy Life

Life is the most precious gift to mankind. With life is all the world,, once you are dead, you life is over, the world you saw is over, you are over. This is why , life is to be spent in its true spirit, it should nto be wasted.
Life style of people of the old ages, if compared to the life style of the people of today’s age, we will find a difference of 360 degrees.

Sayings Of Some Big Personalities About Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was one of the greatest Muslim leader of last Century who played major role in Creation of Pakistan so that Muslims of Subcontinent should be able to live with freedom without fear of Hindu Majority and follow their religion freely.

Is India a Secular Country?

We Often see Indian Government and Media keeps on Claiming that India is Secular Country where Every Community is Safe and Everyone is Free to Follow his Religion.

Unemployed Pakistanis Can Earn Income Through Internet

These days World is facing the Economics Recession due to which problem of unemployment is increasing in almost all the Countries. in Pakistan not only due to Economic Recession but many other problems as well  like load shedding, terrorism the rate of unemployment is increasing rapidly which is creating more problems for the Country. The Youngsters are not getting the Jobs even when they are having Degrees of MBA, BBA, M.A etc. When Many Youngsters don,t get Jobs even after having Degrees they goes towards wrong path which increases Crime rate and other problems.

Some Basic Information about Pakistan

In this post i am going to share some basic information about our motherland Pakistan that many people wants to know.

Pak Govt and Parents Need to Take Steps against Wrong Use of Internet

According to latest statistics issued by famous Search Engine Google Pakistan is one of top country where uncharacteristic websites are being watched. Those who watches such websites are mostly Youngsters of 18 to 30 years. According to another Report 87% use of Net Cafes in Pakistan is also wrong and most of Youngsters goes their to watch uncharacteristic websites. This is not only a shameful but also a alarming situation for all of us and if we not taken steps on this issue then nobody can save our society from more destruction.

Top Six Intelligence Agencies of the World

An Intelligence Agency of a Country is a very important part of its National security and it works for the Benefits of The Country inside and Outside the Country Secretly. The Main Purpose of All the Intelligence Agency is mostly to protect interest of country and keep eyes on the enemies. Most of the Countries of the World have their own Intelligence Agencies. However Some agencies are extremely popular. Following are Top Six Intelligence Agencies Of The World Who have worked Successful For Their National Interests.

Get Connected to Pakistani Politicians Online

Internet has provided lot of benefits to humans and provided them chance to get every type of information and getting connecting to any person while sitting in any part of the world. In Pakistan Internet users are increasing everyday. Millions of People are using Internet in Pakistan now.

Nawaz Sharif Visit To China A Success Or Failure?

Whenever any Pakistani head of state visits a foreign country specially United States or China this debates starts everywhere in media if it was a successful visit or a failed one? Recently Pakistan's Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Visited China along with a small delegation and done agreement on many projects with the Chinese Authorities.

US Withdrawal From Afghanistan in 2014

United States is fighting the longest war of its history right now In Afghanistan that started in 2001 and is still continuing in the 2013 two years later. Interestingly there is no outcome of this war. Trillions of dollars are spent so far in Afghan war and thousands of US Soldiers died. US President Barack Obama announced that US will Withdraw its forces from Afghanistan in the end of 2014.

Most Popular Pakistani TV Channels

Until 2001 there was only one Television Channel in Pakistan Known as Pakistan Television (PTV) that was state owned. in 2001 Pakistan's President of that time General Pervez Musharraf allowed Private TV Channels to start and started issuing Licenses for this purpose. First Private TV Channel in Pakistan was Indus Vision.

Internet Is The Media Of Future

Today In 2013 Television in considered the main media in the world. From a couple of decades Television has become the main source of getting the information around the world.

4 Tips For Pakistani Girls For Their Security and Privacy

Its 2013 a modern world where use of Mobile, Social Networking sites is very common. But this modern technology is also misused in many ways specially it can be harmful for your privacy if misused. If we come out of technology world the Mistreatment with girls has also become common in our society.  So i am going to share some important tips for security of girls online and offline. Following are these tips.

The Sorry Affairs of Pakistan’s politics since her inception

Since her inception, Pakistan has faced hard times when it comes to politics and economy. This country has never seen any honest leader but only rulers have came and go, they ruled snatched up to their abilities and ran away. Some of them died, while some others were thrown in jails for some time and they again did the same thing to this country.