Muhammad Asif Apologizes To Pakistani Nation

Pakistani Cricketer Muhammad Asif apologized to Pakistani Nation on Wednesday in a Press Conference for his involvement in spot fixing. It is the first time that Muhammad Asif has openly confessed his crime. Before him Salman Butt and Muhammad Aamir also apologized publicly for doing spot fixing.

Muhammad Asid said in the press conference that i made a big mistake which badly hurt Pakistani Cricket so i want to apologize for it. he also said that i am ready to help ICC in Anti Corruption programs. He also demand ICC to reduce his punishment.

Aamir, Asif and Salman Butt were caught red handed doing spot fixing in a test match in at Lords vs England in 2010 after which ICC banned all three players. they also spent time in Jail in UK for spot fixing.

all three players are banned from playing cricket until their ban period completes. the reason they are apologizing now to make ICC polite so that their punishment can be reduced.

they are apologizing now after their appealed in different International courts got rejected. Only time will tell if apology works or not and if ICC becomes polite on Aamir, Asif and Salman Butt or not?