Peace Of Pakistan Is Connected With Peace of Afghanistan

There is so much debate going on Pakistani media right now after recent wave of terrorism in KP Province that how Peace can come in the country and how terrorism can be eliminated. Some people are saying that Military operation is the solution while others are saying that Peace talks is the solution.

One point which is not getting discussed much is that Peace of Pakistan is very much connected with the peace in Afghanistan. we can't have peace in Pakistan specially in KP province until there is peace in the Afghanistan.

those elements who are doing terrorism in Pakistan are also getting support through Afghan border by the Anti Pakistan elements. so the solution of peace in Pakistan is actually in Afghanistan.

US has announced to withdraw its forces in 2014 from Afghanistan. After US withdrawal it will be interesting to see that how situation turns. will there be another civil war like one taken place after Soviet Union withdrawal? will Taliban come into power again by force? and how all this situation will Impact Pakistan?

Thousands of Pakistanis has lost their lives in result of war and terrorism in last one decade. Loss is in billions. Most Importantly Pakistan has also lost its Image in the eyes of world. Today Pakistan is seen same as Afghanistan by people around the world.