Top Restaurants In Lahore

Lahore Is second biggest city of Pakistan after Karachi and is capital of Province Punjab with a population of almost 1 Crore. Lahore is famous for many things like its culture historic buildings, beauty and specially for the food.

I am living in Lahore from 7 years and during these years I have tried many food points of Lahore. In this post I will share my experience with you guys about the best Restaurants and eating places in the Lahore city that you can try for tasty food.

1 Gourmet Restaurant In Faisal Town

Gourmet Restaurant is my most favorite eating place in entire Lahore. It has really amazing food and great environment. Surprisingly the rates are also not very high. Their Chicken Handi is really delicious. If you live near Faisal Town then don't miss the chance of going to Gourmet family Restaurant.

Agenda Behind The Book "I am Malala"

Majority of Pakistani people were already upset by Malala Yousafzai because Western World was using her for their own Interest and to portray bad Image of Islam and Pakistan. Western Media and Politician used Malala to give perception that all Girls are treated badly In Pakistan and they are not allowed to get Education. Now after Malala's book "I am Malala" is published she is facing more criticism in Pakistan for her controversial statements in the book.

Pakistani Culture In Pics

Pakistan is a beautiful country with great culture. Here are some pics of its culture.

Proxy War Between India and Pakistan After US Withdrawal From Afghanistan

It has been 12 years when United along with Nato forces Invaded the Afghanistan in the name of war on terror and started war against Al Qaeda and the Afghan Taliban. This resulted in huge destruction in not only in Afghanistan but also in neighboring country Pakistan. thousands of civilians lost their lives. Now after more than a decade US is planning to withdraw it forces from Afghanistan.

Dollar Rate Throughout the history of Pakistan

There is lot of discussion going on these days in Pakistani Media as Dollar rate is going up and up in Pakistan after every few days. earlier this year Dollar crossed the exchange rate of 100 for Pakistani rupee and now it is touching 110 Rs.

Dollar rate has always increased in Pakistan since the Independence in 1947 but in last few years it is increasing at a great speed which has created lot of dangers for the Pakistani Economy.

Narendra Modi and Indian Secularism

Next General Elections In India are going to take place In May 2014 after 5 years. Rahul Gandhi is congress's candidate for Prime Minister while for BJP Narendra Modi is Candidate for PM. Different political experts are declaring Hindu Extremist leader Narendra Modi favourite for winning the coming elections.