Agenda Behind The Book "I am Malala"

Majority of Pakistani people were already upset by Malala Yousafzai because Western World was using her for their own Interest and to portray bad Image of Islam and Pakistan. Western Media and Politician used Malala to give perception that all Girls are treated badly In Pakistan and they are not allowed to get Education. Now after Malala's book "I am Malala" is published she is facing more criticism in Pakistan for her controversial statements in the book.

Malala has written many controversial things in her book which has made everyone think that what's the real agenda behind her book?

For Example Malala has:

Criticized Toheen Rasalat Law
Opposes declaring Qadianis as Non Muslims
Criticizes Islamic Laws
Opposes the Hijab of Women
Makes fun of keeping garments above ankles
Criticizes Quaid E Azam
Criticizes Pakistan Army
Claims Pashtuns consider birth of daughter to be bad
Tries to defend Salman Rushdi in name of Freedom of speech

She has also written many other controversial things in her book due to which people are even more convinced that she is nothing but a puppet of west.