Natural Beauty of Pakistan

Pakistan Is a country that is full of Natural beauty but unfortunately International media never highlighted the positive sides of Pakistan. Pakistan Is not less beautiful than Switzerland which is famous all over the world for its beautiful places.

Lets Explore the beauty of Pakistan: 

How Sectarian Tensions Can Be Ended In Pakistan?

Last week whole Pakistan witnessed a shocking Incident On 10th Muharram when Mosque Taleem Ul Quran In Rawalpindi was burnt by people of opposite sect and 13 people were killed during the Friday prayer. This Incident was shocking for the whole country and a unexpected one. We can say that this Incident added fuel to fire of sectarianism in Pakistan whose side effects might come in coming days and months. Even I was not able to sleep that night.

QMobile Phones Prices In Pakistan

QMobile is one of the most popular Mobile Phone manufacturing company in Pakistan which is famous for making low priced Mobile Phones with good features. The Headquarter of company Is In Karachi. Its Smartphones are powered with Android OS.