How Sectarian Tensions Can Be Ended In Pakistan?

Last week whole Pakistan witnessed a shocking Incident On 10th Muharram when Mosque Taleem Ul Quran In Rawalpindi was burnt by people of opposite sect and 13 people were killed during the Friday prayer. This Incident was shocking for the whole country and a unexpected one. We can say that this Incident added fuel to fire of sectarianism in Pakistan whose side effects might come in coming days and months. Even I was not able to sleep that night.

Tensions were also seen On Social Media after the Incident. the problem of sectarianism is not new in Pakistan and it started decades ago when war between Iran and Iraq was taking place. Later on different groups came into existence which attacked scholars of opposite sects which promoted more hatred.

Its also a fact that countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia supports and funds specific groups of different sects. Similarly the enemies of Pakistan also loses no chance to promote Sectarian divide in Pakistan.

So what steps are needed to be taken to end Sectarianism from Pakistan? here are the steps which I recommend.

1 Give strict punishments on blasphemy of Ashab E Rasool SAW and Ummahat Ul Momineen. Its the root cause of sectarian divide in Pakistan.

2 stop foreign funding of groups that are taking funds from Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

3 give strict punishments on hate speech against opposite sect.

4 Counter the steps of Pakistan's enemies who try to promote sectarian divide through social media and other sources.

by taking these four steps Sectarianism can be reduced significantly in Pakistan. Otherwise we will continue to witness the bloodshed.