Driving a Normal Car Vs Driving a Racing Car

One can only wish to compare two different kind of German cars. A German 8 cylinder luxury car and the other a 6-cylinder German sports car. I took 4 weeks racing car driving lessons. There I used to drive a manual 4 speed without back seats and Recaro aftermarket seats. The intensity of my mental activity was really huge. It was really tiring for arms and legs. You should be willing to put up a very high amount of concentration. Overall it was a tiresome but joyful experience.

When I came back to my normal car, it was extremely comfortable. Every bumps and jump in the race car that had caused me to be always ready for big physical shocks were no more felt.On a normal road you are maintaining your speed, people keep at a distance, there is no feeling or rush to speed up. Of course if you ever raced, it would always a little time to get back on track. One good thing you would notice is that after racing, you would become a defensive driver.

Of Course the normal races don't have such a high pressure to handle. They are not like F1 cars. F1 is for the world’s highest class of single seater racing. F1 despite of the fact contains certain number of formulas to drive but it came to me as a surprise when I read few amazing facts about F1 That I had never heard of before. For example I did not know that these F1 cars creates so much down force that it could be driven upside down on the ceiling of a tunnel. I was surprised to read these facts while I surfed this very article in detail.

How ever I would recommend that both type of cars provide their unique driving pleasure and we can not exactly prioritize one kind over the other.

By Ahsan Hayat