Comparison of Pakistan's Natural Beauty With Switzerland

Switzerland is known as most beautiful country of the world for having amazing natural places and mountains but the fact is that Pakistan is not less than Switzerland in anyway in natural beauty. Let us do comparison of Pakistan with Switzerland in pics below.

Rare Photos of Old Pakistan

Some Memorable rare photos of old Pakistan which will take you in the past and bring smile on your faces.

My Tour to Northern Areas of Pakistan in Pics

Recently I visited some Northern areas of Pakistan Including Naran, Kaghan, Paras. These areas are really the heaven on earth. I taken many photographs of these beautiful areas of our country some of which I am going to post below. Government must take steps to promote International tourism in these areas because Pakistan is not less than Switzerland in beauty.

Biggest Rivers of Pakistan

Pakistan is a agricultural country whose most population is dependent on agriculture which increase the Importance of water for Pakistan very much. Rivers are real source of providing water. there are many big rivers in Pakistan. lets have a look at them.

Chenab River

Fresh 2015 Pics from Beautiful Swat Pakistan

Swat Is one of the most beautiful place in Pakistan located in KPK province which also seen unrest in last few years but now peace is back. Here are some new pics of this heaven on earth.